Quick Python Script Explanation

In Abaqus, there is an Abaqus Scripting Interface to control Abaqus/CAE models and analysis jobs. The programming language Python is used for the script. This feature is detailed in Abaqus Scripting User’s Guide. Here is a simple but fair detail and completed explanation on the basic rule for Python language.

This explanation is from coffeeghost.net as a picture. It’s for those who have basic programming experience to get familiar with Python style in a few minutes. It’s also useful to the beginners for a fast reference.

Quick Python Script Explanation for Programmers

Quick Python Script Explanation for Programmers

In this picture, the basic grammer rules and coding style are detailed in a simple example. The main content includes:

  • Load other code modules.
  • Function definition and call for a function.
  • Variables.
  • Indentation as the indicator of the end of a block or the beggining of a new block.
  • For loop and If-Else statements.
  • Boolean operators.
  • Style for comments.

This is a brief list of need-to-known for those who want to take the advantage of script in Abaqus.©


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