Unknown internal error

This error occurred yesterday when I tried to run an Abaqus/Explicit model with around 5 million elements having user defined material.At this time, the Monitor page of the Job shows nothing helpful but several trivial Warnings on ELEMENT TYPE and VUMAT.

Basically, Abaqus gives no clue on what’s wrong with the error message saying,

***ERROR: Abaqus/Explicit has encountered an internal error during the
***ERROR: analysis. Please report the issue to local office.

It seems the simulation was in the pre process or just finished process. The simulation did not even generate an odb file.

After I tried to change the “Parallelization” of the Job properties from NOT “Use multiple processors” to use it as 2, the job then can smoothly run to show some Increment in the Monitor page.

I do not want it to finish, so I do not know whether the simulation would success or not. But©


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