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Typically, Abaqus has two methods for simulating the bonded interface behavior between two entities. One is Cohesive Elements, and another is Surface-based cohesive behavior. When thickness of the interface is negligible, surface-based cohesive method is recommended for its convenience and effectiveness.

Related contents in the Abaqus Analysis User’s Guide (v6.13):

  • cohesive elements: “Defining the constitutive response of cohesive elements using a traction-separation description,” Section 32.5.6.
  • surface-based cohesive behavior: Surface-based cohesive behavior, Section 37.1.10.
  • XFEM-based cohesive behavior: Applying cohesive material concepts to XFEM-based cohesive behavior, Section 10.7.1.

Here is the steps to use surface-based cohesive behavior with other General Contact of Interaction, such as in the situation of simulating delamination in composites under impact.

To use Cohesive Behavior interaction between two surfaces:

  1. Create a “surface” with name assigned (Parts – part-1 – Surfaces) on each part module where you want to assign the cohesive behavior;
  2. Create a Cohesive interaction property in Interaction module – IntProp-Cohesive;
  3. Create another contact interaction property (a general type contact, or if you don’t need it for the analysis just create a frictionless interaction property for example) – IntProp-impact;
  4. Create a “General contact interaction” and assign the “IntProp-impact” to the whole model. Before closing the general contact interaction window, edit the “INDIVIDUAL PROPERTY ASSIGNMENT” at the lower part of the dialogue window. Then, click to choose the first surface, then the second surface, and the interaction property between them (IntProp-Cohesive). Now click >>> to add this group.
  5. Repeat step 4 to add more surfaces pair with cohesive behavior.

These steps are collected from, proposed by davidrbmelo.©


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