Excessive incremental rotation of the elements in element set

Abaqus 报错:Excessive incremental rotation of the elements in element set.There are a total of 3 elements with excessive rotations.


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I tried using element deletion technique then ALE to get rid off this error but still the error remains.When I use ALE then it says “ADAPTIVE MESHING IS NOT SUPPORTED FOR FULLY INTEGRATED ELEMENTS. DOMAIN NAME: ASSEMBLY__PICKEDSET239”.


模型如图 为一个物体冲击四边固支的复合材料板壳问题..采用explicit通用接触算法,Hashin损伤模型和最大退化刚度0.95的单元删除技术.为什么后处理的时候单元好象没有删除 并且计算过程中出现了:
Excessive incremental rotation of the elements in element set ErrElemExcessIncrementalRotation-Step1的错误


— zsq-w

If you use COH2D4 element in your model, Adaptive meshing should not be
given for that region. Try to define ALE mesh domain excluding that COH2D4
region. Hopefully it should work now.
I had similar issues. These the ways you need to follow I believe.
– Check the geometry, boundary conditions, material and interaction properties
– If you have motions be sure to leave enough clearance between your objects
– Use penalty contacts instead of kinematics
– Or probably you need to refine your mesh

这个错误与 excesively distorted 错误很类似。多半都是因为加载的 load(不管是力还是预设速度场)太大了,超过了该模型当前 mesh 的单元的稳定计算限度。可以采取的方法:

  • 检查边界条件是否合适
  • 材料性质是否与加载的load相称
  • 减小 load 试试是否没事以寻找进一步解决问题的方向




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