WP Minify not Compatible with WordPress 3.1

I find that the WP Minify plugin is not compatible with WordPress 3.1. It makes the new “Easy within-site linking from new content” feature not working and version 1.0.2 of this plugin causes sites updated to the newest version of WP 3.1 breaking down.

About 10 days ago, I updated my WP to the newest alpha test version of 3.1. And I was so excited to taste the new feature of internal linking editing mode, but it’s not work. I didn’t know why and let it be.

Today, it pops a update to WP Minify of 1.0.2 and I do the update as usual immediately. And then, when I going to my homepage, it’s showing a blank page with only a notice saying that there is a non object call error in file query.php. After deactivating this plugin, the error is gone.

Most importantly, I find that the new feature of link editing is working now.




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