UK2 基于云服务的 Cloud VPS 4 折优惠

UK2 的云 VPS 服务搞活动,最低套餐原价 £14.95/月现价 £5.95/月(优惠至最低 4 折),比很多共享主机还便宜。

最低套餐不包括收费控制面板(如 CPanel),包括 1 个虚拟节点、10GB 存储空间、376MB 可用内存、0.6 GHz CPU、1000 mbps 的传输速度、250GB 月流量,并支持快速图片加载技术。享有 SSH(可架设 VPN)、故障恢复控制台、FTP服务。当然,1 个独立 IP 那是标配(Go Daddy 的独立 IP 单买要 $2.99/2月)。另外还送免费的 SSL 认证服务。感兴趣的话可以现在就去UK2看看。

该 VPS 服务具有以下特点:

  • 下一代 VPS 技术
  • 自我修复(Self-healing):在当前主机发生故障时自动切换到其它主机
  • 独立服务器控制
  • 100 种模板(包括 CPanel)
  • GB/s 的网络连接能力
  • 24/7 支持
  • 英国 或 美国主机
  • 在一个 VPS 中加载多个小型 VPS


1. We’re daddies of the internet – Being around since 1998 and being innovators from the beginning we’ve brought many time and money saving products and add-ons to the wider internet community. Cloud VPS is the latest and greatest of these – now the very latest hosting technology can be enjoyed and used by everyone.

2. Its a sysads dream – That moment of sinking fear when you’ve sleepily used the wrong terminal can be cushioned by the knowledge that you can simply destroy the VPS and recreate it in under 5 minutes before the boss has time to notice anything is amiss. And if you’re not techy enough to understand that, just know that this one feature can save lives (or jobs).

3. Geeks on tap – 24/7 phone, ticket and livechat support is pretty clever. But then so are our support teams. Consistently rated above a 4/5 average for their replies you can relax knowing that help is there when and how you need it.

4. ‘Look, no hands!’ – With our choice of over 100 (yes count them, over 100) image templates to choose from, we have so many types of images we’re sure to have the one you want (see above). Everything from a US based VPN to UK hosted WordPress can be set-up and ready to use at the click of a mouse. And as if that wasn’t enough you’ll soon be able to store your own images as a back-up and relaunch them whenever you want.

5. Datacentres are easy – At least with our experienced team of techies at the helm. We already power 5 clouds in the UK with thousands of live customers and have been resident in Chicago for quite a few years now with many more users situated over in the US.

6. Technology you can understand – Talking about CPU cycles and billing you by the second sounds good but then do you really know what you’re paying for and when? We’ve taken the very latest cloud technology and made it so everyone can understand and use, just like traditional hosting. Technology doesn’t have to be taxing, you can leave the clever stuff to us and just enjoy knowing what you’re getting for your money.

7. One for the Techies – We’ve been working on a custom Xen implementation for a few years now and it powers a sizeable portion of the humungous UK2group. Using Hypervisors and a redundant RAID10 SAN system in a multi-layered network we’ve already tackled the teething problems most hosts are hitting when they try to implement their own clouds. We’re also powered by Cisco network hardware, and can do both Windows and Linux images on the same HV’s (which was no easy feat).

8. Failover built in – It’s one of the things clouds are for right? You want your website to go on working if anything happens to the hardware its on, which is not possible with dedicated servers or traditional Virtual servers. On a cloud your Virtual server just powers up somewhere else unaffected within seconds without you having to lift a finger, and who wouldn’t want that?

9. Scalability – We know better than most this can be a problem as we’ve moved to bigger and better datacentres a few times over the years (as well as world domination expansion internationally). That’s why when we designed our platform we built in the ability to be able to scale up if you need to. Even if this is temporary for an ad campaign or event that’s not a problem, you can scale down afterwards with no need to invest in a lot of hardware.

10. Friendly Control – This is what we like to call our controlpanel. We quickly realised no-one wants to deal with an API or remember commands to make quick changes to their Virtual Server (or any changes for most people!), that’s why everything you need is located in one place and is quick and easy to use.©


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