plugins cause memory error when auto-upgrading to WordPress 2.9.2

今天使用WordPress的自动升级功能升级WordPress 2.9.2版本的时候出了些错误,导致无法升级成功。错误信息已经记不太清楚了,如上。我在管理面板中禁用了WP Super CacheWP Security Scan 两个插件之后就能重新执行自动升级了,而且几秒钟时候就升级成功。

WordPress version 2.9.2 has been released today. But when I doing an auto update from Tools–>Upgrade in WordPress backend control panel. The error message looks like

… memory size … exhausted (  ), … in http.php on line 1363…

I can’t remember all the message, but the main words are on the above.

I had no problem on auto-upgrading the WordPress since my last post on auto-upgrading the WordPress had been published. And the main changes to my blog were adding some plugins like WP Super Cache and WP Security Scan. So I deactived these two plugins and do the auto upgrade again, it’s doing well. And the upgrade finished in a few seconds.©


谢谢您的理解 :-)