Note about upgrading from openSUSE 13.2 to Tumbleweed

Last night I did an in-place upgrade for openSUSE from 13.2 to Tumbleweed following the guide here. When the upgrade finished, it required a reboot. The booting procedure halted after the splash screen (the box with three dots indicating start progress) and an error popped up saying Plasma (plasmashell) closed unexpectedly.

The error message box was easy to close. But after that, the computer just halted there. Luckily, I could use Ctrl + Alt + F1 to elevate the terminal (tty1). A ping in the terminal showed the wifi connection was on, too.

After some research using my phone, I found this post in the forum of openSUSE reporting a similar problem. One user, wolfi323, suggested that,

The most likely problems I know of:

  • libKF5Activities5 trying to communicate with KDE4’s kactivities4. Check whether you have kactivities4 installed and remove it.
  • kded5 tries to load a KDE4 plugin. Likely candidates judging from the previous posts are:
    • KDE4’s plasma-nm, make sure that you have plasma-nm5 installed instead, and the plasma-nm5 plugins (i.e. _no_ plasma-nm-xxx packages)
    • kde4-print-manager, uninstall it if it is installed and install kde-print-manager instead which is the Plasma5 version

Those problems were caused by incorrect package dependencies that should be fixed meanwhile.

So I did some checks on packages like the poster did. Firstly, a kde4 package search showed that,

zypper search kde4 | grep --color "i\ |\ "

there were some packages had “kde4” in their names. But that seemed normal. And then a search for “plasma”,

zypper search plasma | grep --color "i\ |\ "

the result showed a package named python-kde4-plasma. This was a big difference to the result pasted in that post. So I remove this package by,

zypper remove python-kde4-plasma

And I didn’t have the chance to do a search for kactivities like this,

zypper search kactivities | grep --color "i\ |\ "

Something I need to insert here is that before checking this post, I read somewhere that the problem might have something to do with the Nvidia driver, so I moved back the old Nvidia repository from /etc/zypp/repos.d/old to /etc/zypp/repos.d and did a zypper upgrade. (Yes, I knew, that was a repository for 13.2, but I was almost desperate then.) This upgrade took a long time so I used another terminal (tty2, by using Ctrl + Alt + F2) to do the search described above. And then, after the upgrade finished, a reboot was required.

I rebooted the laptop. OMG, the desktop showed up. Yeah, the new KDE5 + Plasma looks so great that this pain of upgrading just faded away quickly.

So I think the problem must be solved by removing the incorrect package named python-kde4-plasma, and may have nothing to do with the nVidia driver. And the incorrect package may vary according to different system usage.

I hope this could help someone has the same trouble just like the post mentioned helped me out.©


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